The weather in the Arctic and Antarctic

In winter, very low temperatures (which means that the air can absorb little moisture) and high air pressure mean that only little snowfall is possible in polar regions. However, strong winds up to strong storms can blow away the existing snow.
The most intense snowfalls can be expected in the transitional seasons, spring and autumn.

In the summer months, with permanent light, temporary precipitation in liquid form is possible in the inner Arctic. In addition to calm and sunny days, fog and low-hanging clouds are often to be found, as the air over the extensive ice fields cools down close to the ground.
In continental areas such as Alaska, Canada or Siberia, thunderstorms can even occur due to the strong solar radiation in the midsummer months.

In addition to storms, heavy snowfalls, freezing rain and thick fog, sunny and calm days can occur in polar and (ant) arctic regions in summer.

Webcam Kifjord krysset / Northern Norway

Webcam Kifjord krysset / Northern Norway


The weather in the Arctic and Antarctic, but also in the mountains, is often characterized by fog. The emergence is very different due to the weather conditions. In the polar and arctic regions, fog is created by cooling the air over a cold surface. In the valleys of the mountain regions there is more frequent radiation fog at night due to the nightly cooling. The most common reason for fog in the mountains is simply that they are “in clouds”. You'll often be on the side Winter sports or see dense fog on other pages with mountain webcams, because the corresponding mountains are once again protruding into a cloud cover.

The webcam Großer Inselsberg in the Thuringian Forest, which is also linked on the “Winter Sports” page, holds a German record. In December 1965 the no sunshine throughout the month registered because this mountain was constantly “in clouds”.

Radiant fog in the lowlands and sunshine in higher altitudes above an inversion (temperature reversal layer)


Lots of snow in mountain regions in winter

In the higher elevations of the mountain regions in mid-latitudes, there is sometimes a lot to do throughout the winter half-year Snow to be expected. This is not only found on the side Winter sports, but also on other pages here from time to time webcams of mountains, which in winter to spring with a high snow are covered.


Snow storm and snow sweeping to watch

The combination of snowfall (blizzard) or blown powder snow (snow sweeping) during storms is considered an impressive natural spectacle. Anyone who gets into such a snowstorm live will probably experience less pleasure than watching such an event from a warm apartment. Sounds of nature such as waves, the sounds of a stream, steady rain or storms are also used by many people as relaxation or even for meditation. Such a video of a snow storm in the mountains of Ukraine can be followed for six hours.